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1959 Cessna 175

$39,500 SOLD



  • Plane #: N7542M
  • Hangared at Burns Airport (East Hangars)
  • IFR Certified
  • Recent Upgrades
  • Excellent Mechanical Condition
  • Engine: Continental GO-300, 6 cylinders, 175 HP
  • Prop: McCauley - 82" gear driven, Model 1A175
  • Starter: Delco, 12V, Part No. 1109677WOECH
  • Alternator: Charging: Original generator works great!
  • Val Nav/Com w/ 4-place stereo intercom (front and rear)
  • Garmin-400W/GNS 500W Series panel mounted IFR Nav/Com system map display Excellent Condition improves flight performance owner intended to become IFR certified for flight between burns, or and Corvallis, or - very little use!
  • Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel
  • Transponder
  • Digital Tachometer
  • Carburetor Temperature Gauge
  • Full Width Windshield
  • External access baggage compartment
  • Horton STOLCraft conversion (leading edge mod and wing dam and tip mods) to improve lift and reduce stall speed - improve stability on landings, too. Horton, Inc. Wellington Muni, Wellington, KS 67152, 1-800-835-2051, 316-326-2241 or 316-326-2244 (FAX).
  • ELT: Pounter, Model 3000, Serial 315564, TSO C91
  • Spark Plugs: Champion REM-40E set in range of 16 to 22 thousandths of an inch gap
  • Air Filter: Brackett BA 101ASSY (assembly complete with filter element)
  • BA 8EL (element only) - $44.95 and $7.95, respectively from American. Air Filter Service: replace every 100 hours or whenever it is covered 50% (throw away filter, as it is coated with a proprietary coating).
  • Oil Filter: Aviation Development Corp (ADC) Part Number 600010-1, Oberg filter.
  • Oil Separator: Pesco Oil Separator, Old Part No 218-R
  • New Part No. 35-218-R
  • Oil Change: every 25 hours, change oil. First 25 hours after MOH may require more frequent cleaning of ADC oil filter screen, Change Aeroshell 100, 50 SAE straight mineral oil at 25 and 50 hours SMOH. After 50 SMOH use Aeroshell 100 50SAE Detergent oil and change every 25 hours (cleaning ADC filter screen at same time).
  • Muffler: Hanlon & Wilson Co. Wilkinsburg, PA, Model 0550176-39
  • Tires - Front 6:00 X 6 - McCreary Air Hawk, rated for 160 M.P.H.
  • Main: 8.50 X 6
  • Wheels: Goodyear 600-6, type III, capacity 1120 lbs, Torque 83 lb-in
  • Brake fluid: MIL-H-5606 hydraulic fluid (petroleum base *not* castor-oil base)
  • Shimmy Dampener fluid: MIL-H-5606 hydraulic fluid (petroleum base *not* castor-oil base)
  • Magnetos - Slick - timing (according to manual - but check STC) Left and Right: 28 degrees before top center
  • Carburetor: Marvel Schebler Aircraft
  • Model MA-4-5
  • Part No 10-4171
  • New compass
  • New Battery: Concorde CB-25
  • landing and taxi lights
  • navigation light bulbs: Wing tips: Grimes 1512, 13V, 21W (341) or Whelen W1290-14, 14V, 26W (FAA-PMA 4194)
  • Tail light: GE 1777
  • Red strobe light on top of fuselage
  • Cabin heater works great


This Cessna 175 has recently (2009) been upgraded with $20K put into the avionics and is now IFR certified. Plane is in great condition, well maintained. It has ~2200 hrs TTAE, ~600 SMOH (major overhaul in mid-90s in Richland Washington), ~50.0 SPOH, June 2009 Annual. Good interior and exterior - dry country plane - no corrosion. Flown regularly - strong engine - good dependable mountain plane - a good commuter. Engine, prop, and airframe logs available - weight & balance reports available no damage history. Equipped to land on short dirt strips at ranch Larger, more heavy duty, nose strut/yoke and wheel.